SureVoid® Products manufactures corrugated paper construction products, commonly known as "void forms" or "carton forms", which create space between concrete structures & expansive soils, thereby isolating the concrete from the swelling ground.

SureVoid products provide a temporary support platform for concrete placement until the grade beam or structural slab set and can support itself across drilled piers, pads, intermittent footings, or other concrete work. The SureVoid material, lying under structural concrete construction, gradually absorbs ground moisture and loses its strength after the concrete has set, creating a space into which soil can expand without causing damage.

With their unique design, SureVoid products can be made to support nearly any concrete wall height and width or any structural slab thickness. SureVoid products are also used in other areas of concrete forming where creating spaces is required. They are frequently utilized in areas with limited access for form removal after concrete placement. In addition, they can be used to displace concrete volume where reduction of weight or cost of the structure is a consideration.

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