SureVoid® Concrete Forms & Accessories

1. Product Name

SureVoid® - Corrugated Paper Carton Void Forms For Concrete Construction

2. Manufacturer

Address: SureVoid Products
1895 West Dartmouth Avenue
Englewood, CO 80110

Phone: (303) 762-0324
Toll-Free: (800) 458-5444
Fax: (303) 762-9931


3. Product Description


SureVoid® corrugated paper construction products create space between concrete structures and expansive soils, thereby isolating the concrete from the swelling ground. SureVoid® provides a temporary support platform for concrete placement until the grade beam or structural slab sets and can support itself across drilled piers, pads, intermittent footings or other concrete work. The SureVoid® material, lying under structural concrete construction, gradually absorbs ground moisture and loses its strength after the concrete has set, creating space into which soil can expand without causing damage. With its unique design (see Figure 1), SureVoid® can be made to support nearly any concrete wall height and width or any structural slab thickness. SureVoid® products are also used in other areas of concrete forming where creating spaces is required. They are frequently utilized in areas with limited access for form removal after concrete placement. In addition they can be used to displace concrete volume where reduction of weight or cost of the structure is a consideration.


The SureVoid® product line includes a variety of standard and custom forms that meet a wide range of requirements:

WallVoid® System (see Figure 2):

  • SureTops™ - Cylindrical corrugated forms that properly contain and shape upper portion of concrete piers
  • ArcVoid® - Preformed void at pier with radial, sealed vertical edge to conform to pier diameter
  • WaIlVoid™ - Creates a gap between vertical concrete foundation walls or grade beams and underlying expansive soils
  • Seam Pads™ - Cover exposed joints to eliminate concrete flow between void forms

SlabVoid® System (see Figure 3):

  • SureTops™ - Cylindrical corrugated forms that properly contain end shape upper portion of concrete piers
  • SureRound PierVoid® - Preformed void forms with radial sealed vertical edges that correctly surround the upper portion of drilled piers
  • SlabVoid® - Creates a gap between concrete structural slabs and underlying expansive soils
  • SureCover™ Board - Hardboard that protects forms from puncture and other damage during concrete placement
  • Brick Ledge - Blocks out concrete where brick or tile placement is required
  • Commercial Ledge - Blocks out concrete for brick or tile placement in oversized areas
  • Vertical Separator Void - Separates freshly placed concrete from an existing vertical structure where minimal space prohibits conventional forming methods
  • Other custom products - Blackouts, beam pockets, keyways, architectural chamfer ledge PanVoid™ Forms and PanVoid™ Caps for waffled Structures


SureVoid® is available in the most widely used, standard sizes and strengths Custom products are also easily obtained. Most products can be shipped either factory-assembled or in knock-down (K.D.) form for easy onsite assembly The factory assembled products are secured with a white water-based food adhesive. The K.D. versions are assembled on the project site or in a warehouse using staples. SureVoid® can be made from a variety of corrugated paper types and strengths depending upon the application or engineer's specification requirements. The interior design provides uniform support to loads encountered during concrete placement. Because the support network spans the entire length and width of each piece, it offers strength for lateral pressures incurred as well as the principal vertical loads. Corrugated paper liners can be added to the interior to help resist deflection. The exterior cover surrounding the support network is coated with a paraffin wax to resist premature moisture penetration End caps end seam covers are available to seal any exposed ends, which will help prevent the flow of concrete into the void.


SureVoid® products should not be exposed to moisture prior to concrete placement Improper handling, storage, or installation, as well as adverse weather or humidity conditions may affect the proper performance of the product. In addition, loads that exceed the manufacturer's recommendations may cause product damage.

4. Technical Data

Independent tests results of compressed strengths for various interior support configurations can be obtained through the manufacturer.


Predicts comply with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specifications for void forms.


Most of the paper stocks that ore used have a high content of recycled paper. All elements of SureVoid® products are non-toxic and are ecologically sound. In addition, most are biodegradable.

5. Installation


Literature and videos for onsite assembly and installation are available from the manufacturer. SureVoid® products are lightweight end easy to install; most blockout products have wood backings or nailing flanges, and can be nailed, screwed, or clamped into place Because ail products are made from corrugated caper, they car be easily cut to fit with an ordinary handsaw Installation procedures should not deviate from manufacturer's recommendations; basic installation guidelines are:
  • Products must be kept dry at all times prior to concrete placement,
  • For WaIlVoid™ and SlabVoid® products, prepare ground surface on an even plane,
  • Use seam covers and end caps to prevent absorption of water and the flow of concrete into open unprotected areas.
  • For SlabVoid® protective hardboard overlay is recommended to prevent puncture from vibrator stingers, work boots, or rebar chairs,
  • For Commercial Ledge, a wood matrix is used for ease of installation and added supporting strength,
  • For Brick Ledge™ use with aluminum form systems, LedgeLock™ brackets are available to hold the pieces in place,
  • Specific recommendations or details for installation on a particular project can be obtained from the manufacturer,

6. Availability & Cost


Products are available through established regional distributorships throughout the U.S. or through direct shipment. Products can be shipped on an international level Contact the manufacturer for details.


Due to the variety of applications and required strengths, products are quoted on a job-by-job basis. However, some standard product pricing is available from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor.

7. Warranty

SureVoid® Products, guarantees its products are free from defects in workmanship, However, no warranty is expressed or implied on product performance due to variations in working conditions and individual installation procedures. There is no warranty on merchantability and there is no warranty on fitness for a particular purpose.

8. Maintenance

Reuse of ledge materials and various blackouts is possible when wrapped in plastic prior to installation, Stay in place void forms that have been wrapped in plastic as protection from the elements should be cut along the sides after form removal. This will allow ground moisture to penetrate and weaken the void material.

9. Technical Service

Instructions for use can be obtained through the manufacturer or an authorized representative,

10. Filing Systems

  • Architects' First Source for Products
  • Additional product information available from the manufacturer.

Figure 1 - SlabVoid® interior design allows dynamic strength capabilities
SlabVoid® Form
Regular Duty
SlabVoid® Core
Heavy Duty
SlabVoid® Core
Extra Heavy Duty
SlabVoid® Core
(Custom made, Super Strength SlabVoid® forms available on request)
Figure 2 - WallVoid® System
Figure 3 - SlabVoid® System